Hello and thanks for visiting. Please hang up your coat and make yourself comfortable.

As you may or may not know my name is Kieron and I write some words and take photographs (sometimes digital, sometimes film) under the name Callow Explorer. I’d like this to be a place where people can get to know me and see some of things I do.

I’m a 30 something from Northern Ireland who enjoys travelling. Most places seem better than home and in all truth, it’s hard to settle. As well has having the good fortune to see lots of Europe, spending a summer in Madeira and a year in Canada there’s still a lot left for me to see.

I don’t use Facebook or any of its affiliated sites such as Instagram due to some personal reasons. You’ll find links to some of my other profiles like Twitter and LinkedIn. I have a few images for sale on PicFair and some stock images on Alamy.

My taste in music is dominated by a lot of Canadian bands with a hint of USA, I like 80s/ 90s cartoons. Although I was introduced to the TV show Seinfeld late in life but enjoy it immensely (I wish I was funny), I don’t eat meat or other animal derivatives, when I was in my teens I was a bit afraid of Kate Bush and I can’t remember the last time I was on a trampoline. If you want to know anything else please ask.