I am currently investigating the prospect of offering two different services:

Domain/ Email hosting
Photography Projects

Domain Hosting

With the domain hosting service, I am looking at expanding my hosting package to support additional domains. Some individuals and small companies might find the cost of owning their own hosting service to be too expensive, yet they would like to have their own domain for the email address. I am currently hosting for a Calgary arts startup and would like to grow this particular service.
I can help purchase the domain and then add it to my package at a lower cost. I can also provide documentation on how you can add the email to other email providers such as Gmail or Hotmail so that you can continue to send and receive all of your emails in the one place.

If this is something that is of interest, please email hosting@callowexplorer.com and we can arrange a chat about how I can help.


Over the last few years I have been working on my own photography projects and creating a photography portfolio collaborating with others. To date, I have worked with; Dr Kate Russo (Eclipse Chaser), Belfast Fashion Week, WP Puppet Theatre, Shelter NI and Women’s Centre of Calgary. I have also photographed a print making workshop and continue to work on my street photography (both home and away).
I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta and I’m interested in working with artists of different mediums to help capture their process/ performances. I am mostly focusing on those who are on a very tight budget. I’m more than happy to negotiate (including bartering for services!). You can find my porfolio here.