What’s it all about?

Good question. I never have an answer to this that stays the same.

I started callowexplorer.com as a way of sharing some travel pictures because I like to travel. I felt like Callow Explorer was name that fitted in well with what I was trying to achieve but as things change over time I’ve started to include some other project photography here too and other bits and pieces. There was a moment when I wondered whether I needed to consider rebranding but have since decided the name still fits. I’ve come to the conclusion that “Explorer” doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to travel, I now see it in a more general term for exploring the direction my life takes.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a bit out of touch with the internet. There’s a lot about it I don’t really get or understand which I might get into later. I’m terrible with social media, yet find I have more accounts than I care for. I’m trying to limit this and the plan going forward, which it always was, is to use this site as my hub, the place that I work from and hope I can find a way of using Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter to compliment it in someway.

Swimming around in my head among the debris of ideas that have expired is a plan to try and maximize the site, not only to show my own photos, writing and other things but also to perhaps provide a digital platform for other people to share work and collaborate. Well see, it’s a fluid project and I try not to make any promises I can’t keep. If success is relative, maybe failure is too. Onwards I go.