This is where it all started. In 2015, I bought this domain, This have changed over the years but I wanted to pay homage to the begining. I’m a lot different now. The journey I thought I would be taking, hasn’t been the journey at all. In fact the journey started a long time before I even knew I was on the road.

It has been a bit like the song lyric below:

“When the one-ways collude with the map that you folded wrong
And the route you abandoned is always the path that you probably should be upon” ~ The Weakerthans (A New Name For Everything)

I first heard the word “callow” in a song by The Tragically Hip (Greasy Jungle). The verse doesn’t really have anything to do with my sudden interest in the word but here it is anyway

“Velvet callow
With wet hands, I turned out the lights
And breathing shallow
Hesitated then went upstairs
Where I picked up your housecoat
Dried my hands and touched your hair
And just then you awoke
You could never really barely care”

I had to look up the word callow to see what it meant. The first result is this:
(of a young person) inexperienced and immature.

Now, I am no longer young (but not quite old). I am a bit more experienced and less immature. None-the-less, in my head I think of this as a word that encourages me to push boundaries. I’ll always welcome experience, after all, I subscribe to the idea that there’s always scope to learn, to grow, to evolve.

The explorer part is a lot more simple. I’ve always had a thing for travel, I still do, only now it’s less hostels, more hotels.

I knew next to nothing about websites. Thanksfully, I have a web wizard for a friend who was kind enough to give me pointers to get me started. Everything else from there has been learning as I go along.

The initial plan was to capture and record travel photos after I picked up a snazzy new camera. The kind where the results from an automatic setting made me feel inferior. But, we shouldn’t be afraid of our cameras and so with some messing around, I taught myself a very made up style of photography.

The problem became when travel photography wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I wanted to photograph things closer to home, I wanted to learn more about those manuel settings, I wanted to shoot almost exclusively in black and white. I started to question the difference between photography and art. Is there even a difference? My style changed, including my approach and the way my brain processed things.

I’ve tried different things; I’ve worked with Dr Kate Russo, I’ve taken portraits of a friend, a wedding, some fashion stuff, event photos and I’m slowly finding what does it for me.

And, here we are.

I’m not sure where the here is. A good friend brought up the notion of ‘psyhcic space’. Maybe that’s where we are.

I’ve been working on a few things over the years, the transition through life with and without a camera and with that has changed. Where before it was a place to house images, it can now become a portal to my world and the world I want to build.

I’ve created a whole new place for A Torment of Toys. A series of photographs with toys being a bit mean to each other. They now live here – and can be found under the menu.

There also a new website called This has all of my other projects, from masks and puppets to some of the other images I wanted to share.

Coming soon (hopefully) are two other sites, one for intercontental artists ( and one for collaborating with other photographers (

We’ll see where it takes us. Thanks for reading and supporting in the way you do.

“I want to say I’m sorry for stuff I haven’t done yet
Things will shortly get completely out of hand” ~ The Mountain Goats (Old College Try).