Hi and thanks for checking this out.

I wanted to use this page to talk very briefly about my goals going forward.

Despite the number of creative groups and organisations out there, I still feel like there’s room for me and that I can be of some use to one or a number of these groups in some way – the aim then is to find employment in the arts/ community/ not for profile sector.

It saddens me a little that ‘find employment’ really means ‘get paid for’. You see, the thing is, in the past I have worked jobs that I didn’t like, didn’t feel respected in and didn’t feel like I was making a difference. I’d like that to change.

Although a lot of my career history revolves around Administration/ IT, I do have experience working in the not for profit sector and volunteering with charities. I believe there are a lot of transferable skills from my previous office based jobs to add to the experiences I’ve gained through more creative endeavours.

I’m reaching out to different groups, organisations and communities to see if we can somehow be of use to each other, if not now then further down the road.

I’ve been told the best way to source work in Calgary is by networking, so that’s kind of what this is. If you’d like to connect on any level or even meet for coffee, you can get me here: hello@callowexplorer.com

I’m trying to get better with LinkedIn, you can find me there if you so wish.

Thanks for reading.