Hello, thanks for visiting.
As it turns out, this has become more of a personal statement than a bio of sorts. I’ve undergone a lot of change and I suspect there’s more to come.

My work life has seen my employed in a number of different sectors; IT, Not for Profit, Post Secondary Education and Trade Unions. I’ve learned and developed a lot of skills during this time and hope to continue doing so.
I’ve been reluctant to add my work history to LinkedIn because I believe a lot in transferable skills and the fluidity between changing careers. My concern with keyword searches by employers and recruiters is that I don’t want to be pigeon-holed by previous job titles. They don’t necessarily define the direction I’m looking to take.

My current vision is to use my skills and experience somewhere within the realm of social change – I don’t have any qualifications in social studies so I understand there are limitations to my involvement with certain organisation. That being said I don’t see why limitations mean that we couldn’t work together.

In my previous roles, I’ve led projects and teams, been involved in the design and implementation of new systems, learned the importance of clear and open comminication. I have had images published, grown connections and exhibited my art work.

There are so many great organisations out there, some at different points long the road to whatever they’re trying to achieve. I have an idea of what it’s like to try and move forward when you’re right in the thick of it and sometimes things can be overlooked. That’s where I want to help, to work even a little to bridging the gaps; helping comminities realise their resources whether that be to help vulnerable community members or to give artists the platforms required to help them grow. My interest in arts and community / non profit work is strong and I feel somewhere there’s a venn diagram showing the over-lapping properties of each.

That’s as best as I can put it into words for now. If you want to reach out I’d be happy to chat more – whether you’re an individual who might want to collaborate or an organisation who wants to talk about how I might be able to help.

Thanks for reading.