Someone said to be before that artists like to get on with their work and don’t really like to be bothered by other stuff.

I’ve noticed that a few people out there have gone to the effort of purchasing a domain but continue to use a Gmail, Hotmail/ Outlook or Yahoo email address. Perhaps this is done on purpose, but maybe it’s not. I guess there could be a few reasons for this, from a conscious decision to not knowing how to do it.

I might be able to help. If you’d like to set up an email address using your domain, feel free to get in touch to discuss. To what extent I can help might depend on:

i) whether you’ve already purchased a domain (and what the hosting package allows)


ii) you want to purchase a domain – for website and/ or email address (you don’t have to set up a website, you can simply use the domain name as your email without a website.

When purchasing the domain you might want to buy a hosting package too, or I might be able to host it for you. That’s something else we can chat about.

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