I’ve been having fun with the camera again and it’s great. Overall, life has felt pretty good lately which is something I’m trying not to over think or over analyse. I’d just like to enoy this part of the journey.

I’ve been working on a few things with photographs and I’ve shared a little bit about that on Twitter but I’m always quite conscious of spamming people’s feed and I really don’t want to do that so I thought I’d post about it here and then people can come and check it out if they want to. I know that there’s the option to mute or simply unfollow on Twitter in the case that someone felt I was inundating their timeline with junk but I don’t want it to get to that stage.

As you might or might not know I have been working with some puppets that I purchased. I’ve had a lot of fun with them. The idea was for them was to recreate something like a Torment of Toys but it doesn’t really feel like it’s working out that way. I always feel a bit conflicted about whether I should edit certain photos and tend to hope I’ll know from looking at the image whether it gives me the feeling I want it to. So, I’ve just been trying to find what I want from the pictures, leaving some as they come out of the camera, editing some with some of the features available within the photo editing tool I use and then making more basic changes to give an over exposed look. The gallery was not found!

The other photo thing I’ve looked at came about following a chat with a guy in an art gallery. It’s an idea I was working on before but my conversation with this chap brought the idea back to the fore. In the past I’ve tried merging or layering a kaleidoscope image with a landscape image, with mixed results. This is what I’ve been looking at again and then using an editing application to tweak it even further. Here be the results. The gallery was not found!

I feel like I have a reasonable understanding of how the camera works but I also feel like I’m learning as I go. It means there are mistakes at times and I try to learn from these two. One thing I need to get better at its being away of my surroundings. I often focus my eye on the subject that I’m not always away of what else might have made its way into the shot. Often it happens to be a reflection of me. Here are two shots I took recently that I like but have been spoiled by my reflection.

The gallery was not found!

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