I’m on the move, again. Back in Calgary as it happens. It’s playoff time and for the first time in a while the Flames have won their division, getting to experience playoff hockey again is one the reasons I’m here now. Seeing friends and not standing still are some of the others.

The plan is to get to a job this time and continue to work on the other projects that never seem to have an ending. Although to be fair to myself, I did finish drafting Dearly Departed at the end of last year. Since then the writing inspiration has run a bit dry (aside from one or two ideas), but I suppose the good thing is that the want to write hasn’t disappeared. Simiarly, the photography projects took a bit of a back seat while I planned my Canada trip. When I say planned, I mean booked my flight.

I’d like to find more toys and a mask so I can continue with the A Torment of Toys and Mask photos, perhaps like a second chapter or the next installment of these projects.

I received a really lovely comment from someone on LinkedIn that I don’t know very well and it has gone some way to encouraging me to pick up the pen again and to continue to pursue other interests like the Kaleidoscope images I’ve been working on.

Kind words can do a lot I guess.

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