The act of posting itself is pretty straightforward but I’m often conflicted about whether to click the publish button or not and it doesn’t end there. I have to decide whether I want to share the link or do anything to promote what I’ve typed. The two questions I ask myself are typically; Why? and Who Cares? If I some how manage to find an answer to the first one, the second usually takes me down.

I’m a rather average person living in Northern Ireland. I’ve travelled a bit and maybe have some fun stories to share but I can already feel that second question starting to learn on me – who really gives two toots? I’m fighting against the urge to delete this text and I will go ahead and publish and maybe even share a link on Twitter or something like that.

I am thinking of typing up some of the things I’ve written about my childhood and my travel adventures as well as a few other little bits and pieces. The next post to follow this is about the tenuous link between my decision to stop eating meat and cancelling my Premium Spotify subscription. Stay tuned, if you want to.

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