About four years ago I stopped eating meat and phased out animal products in other areas of my life. I remember my mum was disappointed because it meant that I wouldn’t wear the belt she gave me for Christmas a few months earlier.

It felt like quite a big change at the time in more ways that one. Yes, it would mean that my diet altered big style but it was also a sign that I had rediscovered a part of myself that encouraged me to be me. It was something that I had lacked, perhaps it was the absence of courage and self belief, I’m not sure. In my younger years I followed my own path but somewhere along the way I must’ve picked up some kind of ‘life map’ consisting of a very restricting one way system.

There was something quite liberating about the choice I had made. It was a decision I made because it was something in my life that I wanted to change. Since then, it has allowed me to gain some perspective on the decisions I make. I think in part it is responsible for my decision to stop using Amazon, following reports about life as an Amazon driver (I’m Amazon free for a year or two now) and in recent days I decided to cancel my Premium Spotify subscription (something I’ve had since October 2015), partly due to their pay per stream structure. I talk about this a bit more over on Medium – https://link.medium.com/EbPSwILMHU

It feels good to follow through on things and make changes on what seems like the right thing for me personally.

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