Hello. If anyone reads this I’d be interested in your thoughts here. Perhaps it’s not a case of either/ or, maybe it can be both. I’ve used Spotify for a number of years now, paying £9.99 per month for their premium/ no advert service. I convince myself one of the big plus points of the premium service is that I can listen to albums offline. But, the thing is I still buy CDs (and the odd time purchase/ download MP3s), so there’s nothing stopping me loading digital files onto a portal device. What I tend to do is find albums I like on Spotfiy, save my pennies and the buy the album. When I think about it I could really save my new music discovery to being at home and still have a large selection of great music that I own to listen to when I’m out.

The other thing is that I find the algorithms on Spotify to be kind of terrible. It has maybe suggested one or two artists that I’ve enjoyed and it makes me a bit lazy when it comes to searching out new music. This means that most of the music I listen to on Spotify is the creation of musicans I’m well aware of and would actively check up on to see if there’s a new release coming.

This is where Bandcamp comes in. I’m still learning about it, but I like the idea of supporting artists on there and getting to listen to and seeking out new music. From what I do know about Bandcamp, it seems like a nice little set up and I get the feeling there’s a little bit of a community there (although I could be wrong). I read about their royalty terms earlier and from my experiences with sites that offer royalities, 80% (or there abouts) doesn’t seem too bad, although higher would be great! I’m aware of the poor cost per stream that Spotify pay to artists and I wonder whether continuing to use Spotify in the way I do is a bit of a kick on the teeth to those working their way up in music industry.

Would I be losing out if I dropped Spotify as my main music player and moved to Bandcamp as a way to listen, discover and buy new music? I’d still likely purchase albums of the artists I already enjoy but maybe this would encourage me to support other artists I’m not yet familiar with. The free version of Spotify would remain available if I really felt I needed it.

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