I took a little break. I needed to. I stopped Twittering, writing, reading and using my camera. All I did was walk and listen to music. I find it interesting how musicians write words about my situation even when I don’t know them.

At the time I went through my schooling, creativity was something you were born with. You weren’t encouraged to be creative because you either were you or weren’t. I’ve felt for a long time this is incorrect and now at 34 I’m pretty sure it’s wrong.

With any kind of creativity output it’s subjective. Not liking something doesn’t make it bad.

Now I’ve returned to my local community I want to use my time here to bring people together to share what they do.

I’m investigating spaces to rent and to hire. There’s lots of questions to be answered and it might seem quite fanciful, it might not even work but I want to make mistakes and try rather than sit around not doing anything.

I want a space for open mic poetry, comedy, music, story telling, displaying visual arts of all kind. Maybe all at once, maybe separately.

I’ll try and update about this further once I have more information. I’ll be putting on a photography exhibition in October and the details will be confirmed soon. I hope that’s the start, actually hope this is the start. I want to open a dialogue about what people want.



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