Is it too early for a review of the year? I’m back at this again to give it another go. I might’ve been put off before by my failed attempts but I take some encouragement that I want to keep trying. I’ve started to answer “Why?” with “because I want to”.  I don’t need to deconstruct everything thought.

The year has been kind of cool overall so far. I was fortunate enough to have an image published in ‘From Whispers To Roars‘ first edition, I spent the summer in Canada where I got involved with Women’s Centre of Calgary, tried stand up comedy for the first time and started to feel quite upbeat about things in general.

I’ve returned to Northern Ireland and I’m enjoying being in my community of Ballygally with some exciting plans. There will be another post about that which you can read from here.

If people do read this (and any subsequent posts), thank you. I’m happy for any comments or direct messages regarding the posts.

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